Matti van de Weem

Full-stack (Back-end focussed) engineer, Software architect and system infrastructure / dev-ops.

Hi! I'm Matti a Dutch full-stack developer. I do back-end and Dev-ops work and usually work on API's or automated workflows. Some front-end from time to time as well.

I love and believe in writing well tested language-agnostic code. I have language preference, but like to write most of the languages out there. Full-Stack, but gets the most joy from writing API’s.

Besides from development I'm interested in Dev-ops, software architecture and team management.

Hackathons and throw-away projects make up 90% of my resume. Check Duxilio to see a few of our products.

I got my degree in interactive design, while learning development at my internships. Once i got my degree, i never had to design again (as perfectly demonstrated here) since i teamed up with a
great designer(Robert).

Current: TalkJS, Duxilio Previous: Accountable, Blackdove, Blendle
Some projects i worked on:
Bellatores, Sock, Donny,
Taplicious, Blackdove, Myndoo, Duxelo